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National Hearing Day

Today is World Hearing Day and we would love for your support in raising money for the Heart For Hearing Foundation! Through our sense of hearing, we are able to listen to music, hear the people we love, their laughter and more.

Our sister, Teresa Vu, was awarded with an incredible opportunity last November to take part in a Starkey Hearing Foundation mission trip to fit hearing aids on patients from all walks of life; some have never heard before and only use sign language to communicate, others lost their hearing as they grew older, and a few patients became hearing-impaired due to accidents. Teresa shared, “My favorite responsibility during the trip was fitting the hearing aids with these patients and gradually adjusting the volume. Every single face automatically lit up with the biggest smile, joyful tears, and pure happiness as soon as they could hear for the first time. These moments that I got to share with them and their families immediately confirmed that this was the path for me. The feeling of giving back was irreplaceable and I only want to continue to do more. Within the 3 day mission, we were able to fit over 1,200 patients with new hearing aids that now allow them to reach their full hearing potential!”

Whether it's $5 or $100, anything can help us reach our $5 million in 5 years goal! If you are unable to donate, please also help by spreading awareness and this message along to your loved ones! Thank you!

Check out our sister, Teresa Vu's amazing Youtube video about her trip here:

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