For formal recruitment, sign up through the Panhellenic link and pay the mandatory fee. (We should add a link to this sign up page online.

 For formal recruitment, you MUST be able to attend all the meet and greet days. If you are unable to due to work or class, please contact your Rho Chi.

To join Delta Zeta, Theta Rho, you MUST have a 2.7 GPA or higher.

Have fun and be yourself!

Do I have to pay to join

Delta Zeta? 

Dues for Delta Zeta go back to you through events or they get put into the philanthropies that Delta Zetas dedicate themselves to helping.

Does Delta Zeta


CSULA is a non-hazing campus and Delta Zeta is a non-hazing sorority. We have a zero tolerance for hazing and do not treat anyone in our sorority wrongly or disrespectfully.

What is a


A philanthropy is a cause that we dedicate ourselves toward helping. Our national philanthropies are Speech and Hearing and the Painted Turtle camp. The Theta Rho local philanthropy is Autism Speaks.


Will joining Delta Zeta have negative effects on my academics?

Delta Zetas know that education comes first. We have various resources to help our sisters keep up their academic performance and improve it.


We all have a GPA requirement to not only motivate sisters to stay on top of things, but also to remind them that although we love being with our sisters, we came to college for an education.