Delta Zetas live by our four pillars: academics, sisterhood, social, and philanthropy. We at Theta Rho value our higher education, creating lasting friendships, networking with campus organizations, and giving back all that we can. We exemplify the values of a Delta Zeta in our everyday lives to become bright world leaders and encourage others to do the same. Being a part of Delta Zeta, Theta Rho is a once in a lifetime experience that is  Truly Amazing.




How to join?

Theta Rho participates in CSULA’s Panhellenic Formal Recruitment every Fall and Spring semester. Fall recruitment takes place in September and Spring recruitment takes place during January. 

Check back here for a schedule of key dates!

Join us because we value diversity!

Located at an extremely diverse campus, Delta Zeta, Theta Rho has sisters from every walk of life. We come from different places and have different paths we want to take, but at the end of the day, we will be taking them together.


In Theta Rho you can network and make connections with all different types of people you may never meet anywhere else.

Join us because we care about you!

Respecting and loving our sisters is more than just      anti-hazing. It is keeping an eye out for one another and helping to raise each other up during our low times.


The sisters of Theta Rho truly understand the meaning of sisterhood and make it a point to show that we care and love each other, and that we will always be there for one another.

Join us because we are a family!

Calling each other “sisters” is more than just a nickname our sorority has given us. We all find real connections within this sorority and know that Theta Rho has given us relationships to last a lifetime.


Our sisterhood is more than just a sisterhood; it’s a family.

Alaina Ross

I wanted to join a sorority so I could get involved on campus and make connections. When I met the sisters of Theta Rho, I felt they had a strong, meaningful          sisterhood bond.

Jasmine Williams

I joined Theta Rho because I wanted to be apart of something that was bigger than myself and could help me become a well rounded person in every aspect of my life. I found     this all in Theta Rho during recruitment!

Paola Lopez 

I joined Delta Zeta, Theta Rho because of the experiences I knew I would be destined to have. I didn’t want to be in college for four years and not gain lifetime friendships. I have never looked back and regretted my decision in joining, I have gained so much.