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What the first semester as an active in Theta Rho feels like

It was a weird feeling at first during recruitment because just last semester I was a potential new member. Being the one to now ask them questions and get to know them gave me a sense of realization that my pledge class and I are really no longer new members. The feeling of joy and excitement I had receiving a bid from Delta Zeta and running out to see everyone was a very familiar look I saw across of our Spring '17 class faces when running down the stairs.

It was interesting to experience this almost from the other side and with a different point of view. It was like a moment of nostalgia thinking about how much time has passed and I what we went through in just one semester. Things I did not fully understand during my process have now become more clear, I've grown closer to my sisters, and continue to love being apart of Greek life everyday.

Joining Delta Zeta and finally being initiated was a blissful moment, and of course getting a big was too. Finally receiving your first pair of letters from them felt like your hard work during the process really paid off.

There have not been too many major differences between being a new member and now fully initiated. We were always welcomed and invited to all of the events. I never felt like I was only a new member and had to earn some sort of spot or title. I find our chapter meetings now more in a formal structure, but still follow the same format that it consisted of during my process. At first, the process at times did seem overwhelming, but now being initiated I realized that it was more of just adjusting. It was a change that I incorporated into my life and helped me improve on my time managing skills tremendously.

Rushing Delta Zeta is something I will always be glad I did and definitely affected my college experience. Now being an active, I am excited to see what the future holds within our chapter and in ways I can help to contribute.

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