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Theta Rho Chapter improves chapter GPA by 12.5%, now among top in academics at CSULA

Theta Rho Chapter members understand that "We are, first and foremost, students," and take pride in their academics as university students. "As a chapter, we have made efforts and changes to enhance our experience as Delta Zetas," said Caitlin Spencer, Academics Chairman.

"Our perennial pursuit to improve our chapter has led to our academic progression" she continued. "We increased our chapter GPA by 12.5 percent in Fall 2016. Our chapter GPA achieved was a 3.12, rising from a 2.78 in the previous semesters, while our New Member class GPA increased from 2.84 to 3.18. This put our chapter in the top averages nationwide and amongst the top organizations at CSULA.

"Though we had a minor challenge with some of our members on academic probation, we were able to proudly report 12 members on the Dean's list and take immense pride in their individual accomplishments. Since our GPA has increased surpassing our 3.0 goal, we are continuing our overall efforts to improve our academics as a chapter. "Our new members and members are encouraged through our academics program incentives, study hour competitions, and study buddies. Still, the most important factor in our achievements is reaching these goals as a chapter. This past year, I was also able to set our records through our GINsystem, allowing us to remain more focused on our chapter goals. "As the Academics Chairman, I am proud to showcase how our membership in Delta Zeta has enhanced our college education. We have learned how to focus on our college career while maintaining our social responsibilities as Delta Zeta members. We have created a better space academically on campus and improved our attitude towards school. Our academics adviser, Adrienne Ferguson and I, work closely to help improve and enhance our member's experience and our hard work is paying off," Caitlin concluded.

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